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Holiday 2010 Review: Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory Playset

Play-Doh products are always fun, but the Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory really delivers on its name. Load your Play-Doh compound in one end and turn on the motorized conveyor belt (2 “C” batteries required) to stamp out pretend toys and food from one of the two gear molds. Keep the belt running and you can make tons and tons of fun creations. It’s non-stop imaginative action! Plus, the factory stores six jars of Play-Doh right inside the set so they’re all ready to go the next time.

My kids love, love, LOVE this set. They have played with it for hours on end and had a blast creating more and more stuff. They have played with this set more than any other Play-Doh set we’ve ever owned and more than they’ve played with their other toys since we got it. They love the conveyor belt feature because of the assembly line aspect of it. They have stamped out tons and tons of creations on it and they are sure to make more. I love that they are doing something creative, artsy, and sensory-developing instead of watching TV or playing superheroes.

You can find the Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory at most major retailers of crafts and toys, such as the Hasbro Toy Shop, Toys R Us, Walmart, and many others. This playset retails for $29.99.

Thank you to Play-Doh for sending us a complimentary sample product to base this review upon.