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Help Classrooms Take the "Save the Sleeve" Pledge with Boogie Wipes

Our household just began round #3 of colds this fall. We are only one third of the way through October! This does not bode well for the upcoming winter. We are not the only family who is experiencing this. I have heard parents complaining locally and online about cold symptoms making their way through each member of their families, as well. I even had a parent ask me back in August about whether my children have had their flu shots yet. It is clear that germ prevention is on every parent's mind.

Mindee Doney and Julie Pickens, the founders of Boogie Wipes, a company that offers a saline wipe as a solution for crusty stuffy noses, have begun the Save the Sleeve movement. This well thought out program, encourages children to take the Save the Sleeve Pledge and to become an official "Boogie Kid." All your child needs to do to become a Boogie Kid is to enter the secret code under the tab of any 30ct pack of Boogie Wipes at . Your child will even receive an official Boogie Kid badge in the mail

For the holidays, instead of buying your child's teacher yet another tree ornament, why not gift Boogie Wipes and other classroom essentials instead? You can buy Boogie Wipes online or find them at your local retailer of health and beauty products. You can even order a Boogie Wipes Classroom Kit and have it sent to your child's classroom with a personal note card included. Boogie Wipes was nice enough to send 50 Boogie Wipes singles for both our twins' preschool classroom and our 1st grader's classroom to help our children's classmates start to "Save the Sleeve". The teachers were so happy to receive these products and would like to extend a big thank you to Boogie Wipes for being so generous.

Although I did not receive any compensation for sharing this information with my readers, Boogie Wipes did donate product to my children's classrooms.