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Countertop or Over-the-Counter Microwave?

From drop leaf tables to armless sofas, I have explored just about every possible way to save space in a small house like ours. One thing my husband and I have casually discussed over the years is an over-the-counter microwave. We have very little counter space in our tiny kitchen. Since the time has come to replace our existing microwave, the question has come up again. This question brings up a whole sea of other ones, so I am asking my readers who have an over-the-counter microwave to share their experience and knowledge with me.

Here is what I want to know:
  1. Is an over-the-counter or over-the-range microwave difficult to install? Will we need a professional to install it?
  2. Is it worth not having a range hood?
  3. Are over-the-counter microwaves usually a lot smaller in capacity than countertop microwaves?
I already know that they cost more, but I need to know if it is worth all the money and work. Thanks in advance for any feedback or advice you have to offer.

CSN Stores provided a gift certificate as a thank you for my participation in this campaign.