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Shop 'n' Share: Steve Madden "Twist Knot" Tote from

I turned 37 today. That's almost halfway to 75! I had no idea what I wanted for my birthday. I do have a not-so-secret love for handbags and I truly adore my Tignanello Touchables Bright Light Large Tote in soft red leather that I found for half price at Macy's almost a year ago. Still I thought maybe I could use a change. So I found this faux leather Steve Madden "Twist Knot" Tote on I was really drawn to it when I first saw it. It combines the two popular trends of bows and chains. I decided this could be my birthday present, since it was half off retail.

When the bag arrived, the chrome hardware was just a tad brighter than I had expected. I wondered if I could pull this bag off. In my late teens and early twenties, I wore my black leather biker jacket with everything. Is this just an attempt to recapture my youth? Perhaps, but I do think this bag has some sophistication with a little bit of edge. Will I carry it throughout the upcoming fall and winter? That remains to be seen.

(I also had my husband remove the permanently attached shoulder strap. The design is already slightly complicated, so I did not want that extra set of rings and long strap hanging off those corner grommets.)

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