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Shop 'n' Share: Pretend Cookware

I received a gift card from Constructive Playthings to shop because, being a Constructive Mom, they felt that I should be as familiar with as many products as I can. I was not asked to review any of the products I chose, but I was particularly happy with this cookware set, so I thought I would share it with my readers.

I selected the Color-Fun Cookware set because what my children had was a mixture of sets where some of the pieces had cracked and had been discarded or had pieces that had been lost. I decided to donate most of those pieces and to start over. On top of being attractive, this set seemed much more organized. There is a stand for all the kitchen utensils and each of the 4 place settings is a different color, which makes it easy to know that we are missing the blue fork, for example. I also liked that the stock pot is pretty large compared to other toy cooking pots we've owned. What good is a toy pot, if it does not fit the toy food inside, right?

I was very impressed by this set. My only complaint is that the flatware tray is not large enough to fit all the flatware in it. For $28.99, I think this was a good buy. I have seen pretend cookware sets sell for that and more that do not come with the dishes and flatware and nearly as many cooking utensils.

Although I received a gift card to shop on, I was not asked to review this product and all thoughts expressed in this article are based on my own personal shopping experience.