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Review: "What Are the Odds?" CD by Monkey Monkey Music

Monkey Monkey Music is a children’s music program by Meredith LeVande. We received the CD What Are the Odds? to try out with the daycare children. This CD features 16 great, cute songs designed for children ages 2-7 and runs for about 46 minutes. I can emphatically say that they loved it!

After hearing the CD for the first time, I overheard the children singing in the playroom, “What are the odds? Let’s count the odds…” It was so cute! Their favorite song on the disc is Wheels, which a super cute rendition of The Wheels on the Bus, one of their all-time favorite songs. Frogs Eat Butterflies and of course What Are the Odds? are their other favorites.

The CD is so cute and danceable that they really don’t dislike any of the tracks. If you have children who love music, as mine do, they’ll love Monkey Monkey Music with Meredith LeVande. The songs are cute, but not annoyingly so, catchy, and super fun.

Visit to learn more about this music program, its CDs, and where you can find the Monkey Monkey Music videos. You can also order the Monkey Monkey Music CDs right on this site, as well as find fun free online children's games.

Thank you to Monkey Monkey Music for sending us a sample CD free of charge to base this review upon.