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Review: Riiflex Dumbbells for Wii

If you like to exercise with the help of your Wii, then this product might be of interest to you. Any routines you do to increase upper body strength can be enhanced with these dumbbells for Wii called Riiflex. These dumbbells by Power Play are made of soft molded plastic and weigh 2lbs (or 1kg) each. I actually only use 1lb weights when I exercise, so I enlisted my husband in testing these dumbbells out. We own multiple Wii exercise games, but he used the Riiflex dumbbells with EA Sports Active: More Workouts. This particular game calls for the use of a resistance band and these weights are a perfect alternative for that.

The Wii remote and nunchuck fit snugly inside the dumbbells. There are little built-in rubber grippers that hold each in place.

There are openings which allow access to the controls on the backs. The rubber is textured, making it easier to maintain your grip.

I know 2lbs does not seem like a lot, but I think it is when you are adding it to an aerobic workout. I would love it if Power Play would come out with a 1lb version someday.

One thing I do have to point out is that the Riiflex dumbbells decrease the sensitivity of the Wii remote and nunchuck. In order to adjust to this, you must exaggerate your movements. Once you become accustomed to this, it all seems normal. In fact, I think it makes you workout a little harder, which is always a good thing.

To learn more about the Riiflex Dumbbells, visit for more photos and product reviews. This product retails for $29.99 and can be purchased on, where it currently qualifies for Free Super Saver Shipping. Save an additional $5 off when you use Code: DUMBBELL at checkout. You can also find Riiflex on Facebook and on Twitter.

Thank you to Power Play for sending us a sample product free of charge to base this review upon.