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Review: Junior's Cheesecake from 1-800-FLOWERS

Did you know that September is "Pleasure Your Mate Month"? Just by coincidence, both my husband's and my birthday took place this month. 1-800-FLOWERS offers much more than fresh flowers. They offer romantic gifts that include indulgent gourmet goodies. Since my husband loves cheesecake, but the rest of the family does not share this passion, he rarely gets to enjoy this treat. For this reason, I thought that a Junior's Cheesecake would be the perfect thing to surprise him with on his birthday last week.

The Junior's Heart Shaped Chocolate Cheesecake was delivered by UPS right on my husband's birthday. The cake arrived packed with dried ice and was in perfect condition.

My husband found the cheesecake to be delicious. He is a little worried about finishing the whole cake all by himself, but I think he is willing to give it a whirl.

Important Dates for September:

National Singles Week (9/19 to 9/25)
Wife Appreciation Day (9/19)
Love Notes Day (9/24)

If you are a man who is always at a loss about what romantic gifts to purchase, visit to find some inspiration. You can also utilize their handy Guys Guide to Flowers to find the perfect flowers for any occasion.

Thank you to 1-800-FLOWERS for sending us a sample cake free of charge to base this review upon.