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Review: BuckleyBoo Developmental Plush Toys

I’ll admit it: when our BuckleyBoo arrived in the mail, I had to try it first. BuckleyBoo is a stuffed developmental toy that features five different buckles on its front side. We got the 17-inch Buckley Cat and it’s been a hit with all the kids. I’ve caught the 9 month old, the 9 year old, and every kid in between playing with it. Actually, even my husband and the daycare children’s parents have played with it!

Our BuckleyBoo plush really is a nice, well-made toy that is fun for all ages! It has soft and cuddly fur, a rattle sound when it’s shaken, and the five unique buckles that are fun and challenging for little hands. It is a great fine motor activity for the littler kids and they absolutely love unbuckling and re-buckling its buckles.

The buckles are attached to the BuckleyBoo using fun, multi-colored ribbons and the kids had their favorite ribbon/buckle combo pegged within minutes of it being here. I think the BuckleyBoo would make a great baby shower or first birthday gift and it would be sure to be a child’s favorite toy for a very long time.

BuckleyBoo's award-winning toys target children's development from ages 15 months and up. This particular toy is available as eight different animals, each in a 12", which retails for $19.99, and a 17" size, which retails for $29.99 . In addition to the Cat, there is a Dog, Bear, Bunny, Kitty, Lion, Pig, and a Monkey. You can order BuckleyBoo toys right on . To learn more, visit the BucklyBlog and BuckleyBoo on Facebook.