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A New Bedding Set for Fall?

I am a huge fan of modern bedding . . . now. This was not always the case. I use to be drawn towards handmade quilts with tiny floral and calico prints. I also went through a preppy plaid phase. Now I crave something with a little more sophistication and a little less conservatism.

About two or three years ago, I found the perfect duvet set. The print is the same as that of the two pillow shams shown below. Not only did I like the colors, the texture, and the Asian style of this set, I also loved that the duvet was a heavier weight. We can use it during the summer without anything inside it. Then during the winter we can put a down comforter inside and layer it with another blanket. I liked this duvet set so much that I purchased two identical ones so that we would always have a clean one for our bed.

Now years later, both duvets have several pulls in them from the cats playing on our bed. I still love it though. This has been the longest I have gone without completely redoing the colors in our bedroom. I suppose it just shows how much I actually do love this set. Still, do you ever get that itch for a change?

I received a gift certificate from CSN Stores as a thank you for participating in this campaign.