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A Chuggington Party!

As a Chuggington Conductor, I was invited to throw a Chuggington party for our children and some of their preschool-aged friends. Since preschool had not started for the twins yet, we had to downgrade our party to a playdate. Hopefully next time we will have more than enough preschoolers to attend.

To help us with our event, we received a basket of goodies, containing conductor hats, coloring sheets, crayons, music CDs, a screener DVD, popcorn, and even a Chuggington logo Flip camcorder to make a music video. I bought some popcorn tubs for the DVD screening and made some goodie bags containing the following:

  • Coloring Pages
  • Crayons
  • Chuggington Theme Song CDs
  • Lollipop Whistles
  • Daffy Taffy

If you would like your children to sit quietly and perfectly still, put in a Chuggington DVD and serve some popcorn . . .

After the children all filled up on carbs from the popcorn and juice boxes, it was time to dance! Our daughter always seems to be too dignified to let loose and dance, even when I do not have a camera in my hand. Luckily, the other children had a blast dancing to the "Chuggington Theme Song" . . .

After our guest left, the children could not wait to dig into their goodie bags. Yes, they were excited about the candy, but they also wanted to start on their Chuggington coloring pages right away. I was so impressed. The twins cannot remember all their ABC's, but they can remember the name of every Chuggington train.
This fall, you can catch Chuggington 7 days a week on Playhouse Disney at 6am EST and weekdays at 11:30am EST. You can also play fun free online Chuggington games with your children on and find free printable Chuggington coloring pages on . Chuggington toys are currently available to order online, but be sure to look for them in your local stores in time for Holiday 2010.
As a Chuggington Conductor, I received supplies to help me throw a Chuggington party and to create a "Chuggington Theme Song" music video.