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Shop 'n' Share: Dollar Section at A.C. Moore

With fall coming, I have been starting to think about starting to shop for the Holidays. My goal every year is to be mostly done by Halloween. Of course it never happens, but I always make a good effort.

One of the easiest things to start on for me are stocking stuffers. I always check the dollar section at Target for small inexpensive things to pick up for our 3 children's stockings whenever I am there. This summer I discovered that A.C. Moore also has a section for inexpensive toys and crafts. I picked up this Grow Pals Princess for just $1 at the beginning of the summer. It was just a novelty toy that grows when placed in water. It actually takes a few days to finish growing and then another few days to dry and shrink back to the original size. In any case, it was a fun diversion for our 3 year old daughter that lasted about a week. She would check on the progress several times a day.

I know that Grow Pals come in a variety of different figures, but I only saw the Princess at A.C. Moore. Perhaps you'll have better luck at your location, as I'm sure the stock must vary from store to store.

No compensation or products were received in relation to writing this article, which was base on my own personal shopping experience.