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Review: Kidz Bop 18 CD

All my children's favorite music CDs have by far been the ones of pop and rock songs sung by children. We own several of them and they have always won over any cutesy music CDs. My 6.5 year old is quickly approaching "tweendom" and the new Kidz Bop 18 CD is perfect for tweens.

Regardless of age, my two boys had a blast dancing to Kidz Bop 18. My oldest was excited because he did recognize some of the songs. His favorite is the second song "Baby" because he said that he had heard it before on the Kid's Choice Awards. I, on the other hand, only recognized about two songs. Does that make me old? My favorite song was "Evacuate the Dancefloor" because it had a techno sound to it and reminded me of the days when I use to go dancing (you know, way back in the early 90's).

I think the songs on the Kidz Bop 18 CD were innocent enough, although there were themes of love and breaking up. I do not believe there was anything harmful for my children to hear. If you would like to hear snippets from each of the 16 tracks, visit and, where you can find a wide array of music CDs and DVDs, such as the Kidz Bop 18 Dance Moves DVD.

Thank you to Kidz Bop for sending us a sample CD free of charge to base this review upon.