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Review: Hasbro's My Little Pony "So Soft Pinkie Pie"

I had been saving this So Soft Pinkie Pie pony for quite awhile now. You see, when I attended BlogHer 2010 with my husband and 6 year old son, our 3 year old twins stayed with my sister and brother-in-law for 4 days and 3 nights. Our daughter was not so keen on the idea at first, so I showed her this My Little Pony doll and told her that So Soft Pinkie Pie would be her special friend during her visit to Auntie and Uncle's house. This pleased my daughter very much and she accepted the fact that she could not open this toy until it was time for her visit. Well, it turned out that Auntie and Uncle had so many fun things planned for the twins that my daughter forgot all about opening her special friend. Of course, the minute we picked everyone up and walked through our own door, she wanted to open her pony right away.

Although this toy is recommended for children ages 3 and up, there are really no small parts or sharp edges. I think the only thing I would worry about is the hair possibly coming out, although I have not seen this happen to our pony.

This pony has a plastic head and a plush body. She comes with her very own baby bottle that actually can stay in her mouth on its own.

Everything about this pony is so designed to be so darling. Every detail about her is as cute as can be, from her Troll Doll-esque mane to her balloon adorned diaper cover.

My daughter's favorite feature about So Soft Pinkie Pie is that she talks when her foot is pressed. She sings the tune to the My Little Pony theme song, tells you "I'm hungry" or "Pinkie Pie Hungry", asks "Will you feed me?", giggles, and my daughter's favorite phrase to hear "I love you Mommy!"

If your little girl owns more than her fair share of baby dolls already, then here is a doll that can offer her something a little different. So Soft Pinkie Pie retails for just $16.99, which is the same or less than most baby dolls at any toy retailer. This toy requires 2 AAA batteries, which are included, so that makes gift-giving much simpler.

Visit to view the full selection of My Little Pony toys, which includes other "So Soft Newborn" pony friends. You can shop for My Little Pony products right from the Hasbro Toy Shop online or from other major toy retailers, such as Toys R Us,, Target, and Walmart.

Thank you to Hasbro for sending us a sample toy free of charge to base this review upon.