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Review: "The Dog Who Healed a Family" by Jo Coudert

The Dog Who Healed a Family is a heartwarming compilation of stories about amazing animals that did extraordinary things for the humans they were around. From a dog who traveled the country to get back to his owners to a friendly deer, these stories have a variety of animals who are sweet, smart, courageous, and funny.

I really enjoyed reading the short stories in the book and my kids enjoyed the ones I shared with them. Our personal favorite was one about a wise-cracking parrot who said the funniest things at the most perfect moments, embarrassing and delighting it’s owner.

This book is truly a great, fast little read that is sure to make you smile a time or two. Jo Coudert, the author, has a way with words and tells the stories in ways that are compelling and interesting. She is the author of nine books including Seven Cats and the Art of Living. She is a lifelong animal-lover herself. This book would make a great gift for a person dealing with tough times or illness, for an animal lover, or for a pre-teen.

You can find The Dog Who Healed a Family at the eHarlequin Bookstore, as well as from other online and local book retailers. To learn more about the author, visit .

Thank you to Harlequin for sending us a sample copy of this book free of charge to base this review upon.