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Video & Photos From Our Kung Zhu Party

Earlier this summer, we were invited to throw a Kung Zhu party for my oldest son and some of his friends. When the products arrived for the party, I realized that I was in trouble. There was no way I would be able to set up the Kung Zhu arena and habitrail and still have room for 10+ children in our living room. It was also far too hot and humid to hold the party outside. Luckily, Whimsy Arts & Crafts came to my rescue. They are known for their kids birthday parties in Massachusetts. Even though this was not the usual type of party held in this building, they were nice enough to make an exception for us.

Our hour-long party started off very orderly. The children were clearly excited to start playing with the Kung Zhu playsets we had assembled on the table.

Each child was directed to choose an envelope. Inside each envelope was a number. Starting from number one, every child was able to choose a Kung Zhu hamster. Then in reverse order, starting from number 10, each child was able to choose a set of Kung Zhu armor.

Then my husband gave a quick demonstration of how to transform each hamster into a warrior by putting on their armor and how to use the tablets.

Then we let the kids loose on the Kung Zhu playsets. The arena received the most attention.

The rest of the hour was quite chaotic, but lots of fun. The children all climbed on the table because they could not reach the arena well. Thank goodness we had another parent there to help us.

When the hour was up, all the other parents came back to retrieve their children. Each guest left with a Kung Zhu hamster, a set of armor, some candy, and a balloon. I think we managed to cram as much fun into one hour's time as humanly possible.

Thank you to BSM Media for providing the toys for our party as part of a campaign for Team Mom. And thank you to Whimsy Arts & Crafts for their hospitality.