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Our Kitchen Dining Set is Turning One!

Last fall, I had kitchen tables on the brain. I was so tired of our family of five trying to fit around a table that was really meant to seat four people comfortably. Since we could not really spare the money to buy a brand new set, I ended up looking on Craig's List. By a stroke of luck, I found this large dining set made of solid wood for an incredible price. If you read my blog back then, you may have remembered how excited I was about this find.

Okay, yes it is great that we can seat three children plus two adults and still have room for two or three more people, but this set literally fills our whole dining area in this tiny little shoebox of a townhouse we live in. Luckily the bench can be pushed in under the table. Unfortunately, we do not always remember to do that. I have the bruises on my shins to prove it.

I really do love this table set, but it makes everything such a tight fit that we cannot have company over for dinner . . . well, aside from my parents, who do not mind the cramped quarters. Of course, we will not be living in this townhouse forever.

So, do we keep this dining set or sell it and find something else that seats only six people?

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