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Living Green With Jerinda: Rustic Crust All-Natural Pizza Crusts

Rustic Crust makes amazing flatbread pizza crusts that taste fantastic and are so easy. The crust comes packaged ready to use, fully cooked, in a shrink-wrapped package.

We used our Ultimate Cheese and Herb crust to make an Alfredo ham and cheese pizza that was delicious! I put olive oil on the crust first, just a thin layer of it. I followed that up with organic Alfredo sauce, fresh deli ham, and an organic shredded cheese blend.

I baked it for the time indicated on the package and it was scrumptious. We all had seconds, it was that good.

My kids even ate their crust (which they never do) because it was so yummy. The crust was absolutely perfect and we will definitely be buying more of it in the future; my kids want to try it with pepperoni.

It was only moderately hard to find, our regular grocery stores didn’t carry it but I did easily find it at my favorite health food store. It is shelf-stable, not frozen, which threw me off a bit. Rustic Crust does offer an All-Natural Frozen Flatbread Pizza, but it is not available in our area yet.

Rustic Crust offers a wide variety of natural pizza products, including organic and gluten-free crusts and an all-natural pizza sauce. To view their full line of products, visit, where you can also purchase Rustic Crust products online.

Thank you to Rustic Crust for providing us with sample product free of charge to base this review upon.