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BlogHer 2010: Grasshoppers Shoes Saved My Feet

I am pretty picky when it comes to shoes. I consider shoes an accessory and they should not be the focus of an outfit . . . well, unless you are wearing a little black dress with red stilettos. I also usually wear comfortable shoes that have at least a 2" heel because I have found that a heel helps to absorb the shock of walking and also a little extra height never hurt anyone's confidence.

For our trip to BlogHer 2010, I packed a pair of comfortable leather sandals and a pair of mid-heel dressy strappy sandals. Both shoes are ones that I consider to be very comfortable. Still, I packed this pair of Black Jensen Stretch Nubuck shoes from Grasshoppers, a brand known for their comfortable footwear. My husband suggested that I pack sneakers, but I wanted to maintain a somewhat professional look.

After being on my feet all Thursday evening, the whole day Friday, and all Friday evening, my feet were tired. They did not hurt, nor did I have any blisters. My feet were just exhausted and I wondered how I was going to make it through the whole day on my feet again on Saturday. The second I slipped on my Grasshoppers shoes, I was relieved that I had packed them. I had to admit that I thought they might be narrow for me, since I am use to wearing rounded or square-toed shoes, but that was not the case at all. The nubuck uppers on these shoes are designed to stretch for an almost custom fit. I think these shoes were the closest I could come to wearing slippers that Saturday.

These black shoes seemed to work well with this casual top and skirt. They are minimalistic and can work easily with different outfits. I even wore them for the trip home on Sunday with a t-shirt and capri leggings. Although by Sunday, my feet and the rest of my body were dragging, these cushy shoes made me as comfortable as possible under the circumstances.

To shop for shoes or to learn more about Grasshopper's Pure Comfort System, visit and Grasshoppers on Facebook. You can also find Grasshoppers shoes at select retailers, such as JC Penney, Burlington Coat Factory, and .

Thank you to Grasshoppers for sending us a sample pair of shoes free of charge to base this review upon.