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Back to School 2010: SleepJoy Green Tea Mattress Topper

Everyone could use a better night's sleep, especially students heading back-to-school or off to college, who need to be alert and attentive throughout the day. SleepJoy, a brand known for their brand of eco-friendly memory foam mattresses, also offers memory foam mattress toppers and pillows.

We have always tried different mattress toppers to help extend the life of our once-5-star mattress set . . . from featherbeds to egg crate toppers. I finally broke down and purchased a costly 4" high density foam topper, but to our dismay, it developed a split right across the middle and continued to split until it was almost completely broken into two halves. Luckily, SleepJoy came to our rescue!

We received the 3" Cool Top Mattress Topper to try out on our 10yr old 18" pillowtop mattress. The first thing I noticed when we unpacked it was the pleasant scent of green tea. This was far better than the chemical odor of our last topper, which was accompanied by a note that we needed to let it air out for a few days before using it. Another major difference between our previous topper and the SleepJoy mattress topper is that the queen size topper actually reaches all four edges. Our old topper was at least 2 inches shy on each side. We thought that over time it would eventually spread a little, but it never did.

Although ViscoFresh Enhanced Memory Foam is already porous and ventilated, the contours on one side of this foam topper add additional ventilation, which was perfect for us because my husband overheats very easily. It is not an unusual thing for me to be bundled up under two layers of blankets, while he sleeps with no covers at all.

The cotton cover we received was not the one shown with this particular topper, but rather it was the 300 Thead Count Cotton Cover with Nanotex and a built-in skirt. Many topper covers are designed to fit like a sleeve right over the mattress topper. This one is more like a stain resistant fitted sheet. It was deep enough to accommodate the 3" topper on top of our 18" mattress with room to spare.

SleepJoy carries size Twin XL mattress toppers in most of their 3" styles, which are perfect for college-bound students. I would love to see SleepJoy add 4" mattress toppers to their collection because I prefer a more plush comfort level. This 3" topper, however, was perfect for my husband, who prefers a firmer bed.

To view their full line of memory foam mattresses, toppers, and pillows, visit or SleepJoy on Facebook.

Thank you to SleepJoy for providing us with a sample topper and cover free of charge for us to base this review upon.