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Back to School 2010: PlanetBox Stainless Steel Lunchboxes

We are going to make it our goal this year to have as many trash-free or at least trash-light lunches as we can this school year, so when I came across the stainless steel lunch boxes at, I immediately wanted one. Luckily for me, they allowed me to review it, which almost made me jump for joy. We try not to use plastic, so in addition to being trash-free, I wanted to avoid plastic as much as possible and this eco-friendly lunchbox helps me do that.

This unique, one-piece stainless steel lunchbox has 4 nicely sized sections to hold all your child’s lunch needs. It perfectly holds a sandwich, 2 sides, and a dessert all in one nice, neat package.

There is also the option to purchase “dippers” that come in small and large that seal tight to hold whatever else you need, like yogurt or fruit. The lunchbox itself is not designed for wet or liquid items, as it could leak. The dippers seal tight though, so they can be used for those items. They also conveniently fit inside the lunchbox or the outer insulated lunch box, which you can purchase separately to hold all the lunchbox items. The outer insulated box has a pocket for the dippers, a napkin, utensils, etc. and a holder for a small water bottle.

I am in love with this set. It is sturdy, unique, and the magnets that decorate it give it a nice added flair. I love that it all fits together so nicely and makes packing my son’s lunch so easy and organized.

My only suggestions would be to make the outer insulated box a bit bigger so it will comfortably hold a juice box and make the outside water bottle holder a bit larger with a bungee closure to hold a bigger bottle more securely. I was able to get a juice box inside, but had to force it a bit. I wanted it in the insulated part so it would stay cold. Those are the only two things I would change. Even still, it’s a great set and works perfectly.

I highly recommend PlanetBox to anyone out there looking for a unique, non-toxic, handy way to store lunch. The PlanetBox is available in various size kits. You can also customize your PlanetBox with a variety of themed magnets and 6 choices in colors for the carrying bag.

To view the full line of products available, visit . You can also find PlanetBox on Facebook and on Twitter.

Thank you to PlanetBox for sending us a sample kit free of charge to base this review upon.