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Russian Spies in My Backyard? Oh My!

I am usually too busy (and self-absorbed) to read a newspaper, but I do pay attention to broadcast news. I also watch my share of spy movies, so it is not difficult for someone like me to believe that people can have fake identities and still obtain top-secret security clearances. That is why I was surprised to find out that, according to an article in the Washington Post, over 25% of people with such security clearances are contractors. How safe does that make you feel?

After watching the pilot episode of Rubicon, I found it difficult to believe that the conspiracy discovered in the crosswords across many major newspapers by the character Will Travers could be possible. Then I started thinking about how even the CIA uses contractors and how it would be possible to successfully embed messages if enough planning was used. My husband and I had an interesting discussion about social hacking and the use of logic bombs.

The question regarding cover-ups also arises in Rubicon. How many of these discoveries are being covered up? The investigation about the Russian spy ring, which was too close to home by the way, went on for years before they made these arrests . . . before they allowed us to know however much we now know.

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