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LIVE V.Reader Giveaway: Family Game Reading Night [CLOSED]

Our Winner is Shasta!

Even though we live in a hectic household, we always have at least one story read before bedtime. Sometimes Dad would read the story, but recently our 6 year old son has been having a go at it quite often. Well, wouldn't it be fun to have one night a week, perhaps on Friday when the kids can stay up a bit later, when all five of us would each choose a book to read to the group? No, our 3 year old twins cannot read yet, but they could choose an animated storybook to read to the group. The new VTech V.Reader would make it possible for our whole family to feel included in our "Friday Family Reading Night". There will be 11 different story game cartridges and over 100 ebooks to download, many of which will be available to be downloaded for free. This will keep our Family Reading Nights going for quite awhile.

The Family Reading Night Challenge Giveaway!

Please read the instructions completely before entering. Everyone MUST complete the mandatory entry to be eligible to win. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end when we reach 447 valid comments.

The lucky winner will receive . . .

A VTech V.Reader of their very own plus a bonus V.Reader Story Game Cartridge. The winner may choose between a blue or a pink V.Reader. The bonus cartridge will be a surprise!

How To Play . . .

1) Mandatory Entry ~ For your first comment, briefly tell me about a time when your family sat and read together. You can draw from experiences with your current family or from your own childhood.

2) After you have completed the mandatory entry, you may leave as many comments as you like as long as they have anything to do with reading.

For example:

Where do you like to read with your children?
What are your children's favorite stories?
What were your favorite stories as a child?
What good books have you read?

Get the idea?

3) Your comments must be in complete sentences.

4) You may make consecutive comments.

Commenter #447 Will Be Our Winner!
(Because those digits are my children's ages rounded up)

You might find me commenting too, just to help you along. I will delete any comments that do not meet the above criteria, which will make all the numbers shift, so please play by the rules. I will close the contest and announce the winner as soon as I have verified all the comments are valid.

Have fun! Once the conversations get started, this should go by quickly.

This is a compensated post written as part of a VTech V.Reader campaign for The Motherhood. Thank you to VTech for providing a prize for our contest.