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Fun and Free . . . The Constructive Playthings New Toy Catalog

Last week I received my most recent free toy catalog from Constructive Playthings. I actually received two . . . one was a book of back-to-school toys, furniture, and classroom supplies, which is a wonderful resource for all parents, teachers, and those who homeschool their children. The other was this toy catalog mostly filled with toys for learning, pretend play, keeping children active, and promoting creativity.

I was very happy with the assortment of toys included in this catalog, as they spanned from infant toys to grade school toys, although the majority are for children in preschool and early grade school. I very much appreciated the larger images in this catalog because overall I could really see the details of each toy. I only read the product descriptions if a photo interests me, so I do not mind trading the larger photos for a smaller font size. Since I do not read every product description, I do not mind squinting a bit to learn more about a product here and there. Although it was not difficult for me to figure out which description went along with which image, I think it would be quicker for some people to have a letter or number next to each description and on each corresponding image.

Constructive Playthings Parent / Family

Looking through toy catalogs is always fun and exciting, even for adults. I usually think how one or more of my 3 children would love to play with this and that. After I have determined which toys my children would find engaging, I then usually weed out toys that are too similar to what we already have and then give any toys that have educational or developmental value extra consideration. In this particular catalog, I would love for my children to own the Full Bodied Family Puppets. This puppet family of 4 is a Constructive Playthings Exclusive. I always hear my children acting out family and social situations while playing pretend. These puppets would be a great outlet for such play. I learn so much about each child's perception of how a family works and what each person's role is within that family just by listening to them play. I also love that these puppet families are available in Caucasian, Latino, African-American, and Asian.

Here is my oldest, trying to make sure that everyone knows which toy he likes the most from this latest Constructive Playthings catalog . . .

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Thank you to Constructive Playthings for providing us with a free catalog to base this review upon.