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Favorite Reading Spots For You and Your Child

We are so very lucky that our 6 year old son is an avid reader. I believe the fact that I had a lot of time to read with him starting at a very early age helped to make that happen. I feel very guilty for not having the same amount of time to read with our 3 year old twins. According to the Summer Smarts survey, I am not alone. 82% of moms who participated in this survey thought their children would benefit from more reading time. That is why VTech came up with the V.Reader Summer Reading Pledge. The first 100 moms or dads who sign up to make this pledge within the U.S. will receive a V.Reader for their children. So what are you waiting for?

The new VTech V.Reader is an e-reader system for kids that makes books even more portable. This allows you to sneak in reading time when you can without always carrying a variety of books with you, which can be cumbersome. The V.Reader also allows you to find new favorite reading spots. My children's and my favorite reading spot is actually on my bed. Since the children are not usually allowed to play in mom and dad's room, this is a special quiet place, where each child knows he or she will receive undivided attention. One of my children and I always prop ourselves up with several pillows, squish together, and read out loud. With our 3 year old twins, I would read out loud to them. With our 6 year old son, we would either take turns reading or he reads out loud to me. There are many places we can read, such as the front steps, under the big tree outside, or at the park on a bench, but none are quite as quiet, intimate, and comfy as our favorite spot on mommy's side of the bed.

The V.Reader is currently available at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us,, and other retailers of VTech products. To learn more about this VTech product, read my V.Reader review and visit . While you're there, sign up for Club VTech. You can also follow VTech Toys on Facebook and VTechToys on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest VTech products for kids.

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