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Back to School 2010: Natura Waterproof Mattress Pad & Washable Wool Comforter

Our daughter is only 3-1/2, but if she is like everyone else in the house, she may soon develop allergies to dust mites and other airborne allergens. Natura organic bedding helps to minimize these allergens, as well as bacteria. Eczema is common in our family as well, so having bedding that is free of chemicals, pesticides, and perfumes, can only help to prevent skin irritation. It only takes a tiny itch to trigger the cycle, which starts with scratching.

Right in time for back-to-school, all Natura Facebook fans can receive 10% off everything on . If your college-bound student is planning on living in a dorm or in an apartment near campus, then you definitely want to keep their sleep environment as free of dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Natura Organic Bedding

We were sent two bedding essentials to try out . . . the NaturaProtect Deluxe Mattress Protector, which is a washable waterproof mattress pad, and the Natura Washable Wool Comforter. We received both products in twin size, but Natura also offers a Twin XL mattress pad.

What I thought about the NaturaProtect Deluxe Mattress Protector:

1) I love that this mattress pad is 100% waterproof (not just water-resistant) without the feeling of sleeping on plastic.

2) The washable wool lining adds a tiny bit of padding to the top of my daughter's extremely firm mattress. This was an extra benefit I was not expecting from a mattress pad.

3) The 100% all-natural cotton cover is extremely soft to the touch.

4) As I had mentioned, my daughter's mattress is a firm one, but this mattress protector is deep enough to fit both plush and pillowtop mattresses. In fact, I had to tuck the excess under the mattress.

5) This mattress pad is elasticized all around the four sides, so it was very easy to put on and take off the mattress.

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6) Although we followed the washing instructions (wash in warm water, dry on low heat), we had a problem with one half of one side (the part that covers the vertical part of the mattress) crinkling and slightly melting together at the creases. Luckily, I was able to pull apart and smooth out some of it, so we are still able to use the mattress pad properly. There are still some crinkles and creases that are permanently melted in place. I cannot explain why that happened to only one section and not the rest. From now on, I think we will spin dry or air dry this mattress pad, so we do not risk damaging it further.

Aside from the glitch we had in the dryer, I could not be more pleased with this mattress pad. I would go as far as calling it an essential for any child who is in danger of wetting their bed or who sometimes gets sick at night. It is also perfect for any adult who likes to eat and drink in bed or anyone who suffers from incontinence.

What I thought about the Natura Washable Wool Comforter:

1) When I hear the word "wool", I automatically think about being itchy. I was concerned that my daughter might feel scratchiness right through this comforter's cotton cover, but this was not the case at all. In fact, this is one of the softest comforters we have ever owned.

2) Although this comforter is breathable and should prevent overheating, we will only be using it during the winter and the cooler days of spring and summer here in New England. Our daughter gets hot very easily at night (taking after her Daddy) and being too warm only makes her wake up in the middle of the night upset.

3) We were able to machine wash and dry this comforter without any problems. The wool inside remained soft and fluffy and there was no pilling on the cotton cover.

4) One of the first things I noticed was how luxurious this comfort looks. It is made of 100% cotton sateen and has such a beautiful satiny sheen to it. I think you could eliminate using a coverlet, bedspread, or quilt on the bed by just buying one size up for this comforter.

5) I also want to point out that this comforter is light as a cloud. It is rare that one can keep warm without the heavy weight of thick comforters and blankets, which usually leads to overheating.

Our daughter could not stop commenting about how "fluffy" her new "blanket" is. I think we could not have asked for a better quality comforter. The fact that it is able to be washed and dried at home makes it even more valuable to us.

We were also sent three Natura Essentials, which are designed to keep your home soothing and clean. Between the ReGrooveN8 Mist (pronounced like "rejuvenate"), the NaturaClean Spray, the NaturaProtect Odor Remover, we have tried 2 out of the 3. It was quite a surprise that an occasion did not arise that required the NatureClean Spray.

Aromatherapies do not always work for me, but I was desperate to try the green tea and aloe-scented ReGrooveN8 Mist. Both my husband and I have been having trouble sleeping due to various factors, with stress being one of them. This product helped both of us to drift off into a deep sleep without waking up even once during the night. If we did not have little alarm clocks running around (a.k.a. children), then we probably would have slept through to mid or late morning.

The NaturaProtect Odor Remover is similar to a fabric refresher, except it is dispensed in a fine mist. It has a light green tea scent that is very pleasant unlike the mainstream fabric refreshers. Also, it is safe to use around infants and pets, which is a must in our house.

To learn more about Natura organic products for the home, which includes bedding, mattresses, pillows, crib bedding, and even pet beds, visit You can also find Natura World on Twitter. Remember to become a fan of Natura World on Facebook this month to receive your discount code for 10% off your entire purchase.

Thank you to Natura for sending us sample products free of charge to base this review upon.