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Silly Monkey Stories: En-Chanting Car Game

The other night, the whole family was in the car making a 45-minute trip home from an event. Our 3yr old son Luke started doing something that he does once in awhile during car rides to entertain himself. He says the word "car" every time we pass by a car. So when we are on a busy road, it sounds like he is chanting, "Car! Car! Car! Car! . . . "

Well, he started doing this the other night and since we were all bored, we decided to join in. I started chanting "truck" and someone else started chanting "motorcycle." It actually sounded pretty cool when we were all chanting different things in unison.

Then Luke took the initiative to change the theme to farm animals. Pretty soon we were all chanting "Duck!", "Cow!", "Horse!", and so on. Then suddenly Luke started chanting "Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse!" out of the blue and we all started laughing. Pretty soon we were all chanting names of Disney characters.

It was the most fun we had in the car in a long time. Maybe you had to be there, but I was very impressed that it stemmed from an idea that came from a 3yr old.

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