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Review: St. Eve Toddler Girl's 3pc Pajamas for Warm Weather

When I was a little girl, I highly disliked wearing sleep shirts and nightgowns. They always rode up and frequently became all twisted and bunchy. Although my daughter does own a few nightgowns, I usually opt for pajamas for her.

I love it when I find 3pc pajama sets, like this one from St. Eve. They are soft, relaxed, and lightweight. They also give me the option of wearing them year round. Even though we are located in New England where the winters are harsh, the house still gets pretty toasty at night with the heat on. Short-sleeved pjs with long pants is sometimes the perfect thing on such a night. Of course, the short-sleeved shirt with the short bottoms is perfect for spring and summer.

My daughter was just delighted about these St. Eve toddler pajamas. Aside from being her favorite color . . . pink, they also have fun embellishments, such as glittery hearts, satin bows, and satin trim.

These pajamas washed beautifully. Sometimes it is hit or miss with polyester blend pajamas. About half the time, they come out of the first wash all pilled before they have even been worn. This was not the case with these St. Eve pajamas. They did not shrink at all in the dryer either.

You can find St. Eve children's pajamas at quality retailers like Sears and .

Thank you to St. Eve for sending us sample pajamas free of charge to base this review upon.