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Review: New Aunt Jemima Confetti Pancakes

Breakfast is the easiest meal in our house, meaning that we do not usually have a fight on our hands when it comes to our children eating most or all of their meal. Still, our 3-1/2 year old daughter eats as slowly as humanly possible. She does not take bites, but rather nibbles. She likes to look around and make conversation. She also plays with her food even though she has every intention of eating it. Generally, it does not matter what she is eating . . . cereal, waffles, pancakes . . . well, ordinary pancakes, I should say.

These new Aunt Jemima Confetti Pancakes are no ordinary pancakes. Yes, they may have a tiny touch of added sweetness, but nothing really noticeable underneath all the butter and syrup we use. I think something about the colorful confetti just makes children happy. All three of my children were delighted before they even took their first bite.

The real proof that these Confetti Pancakes are a winning product is that our daughter pretty much inhaled hers. She did not play with her food nor did she stop to make casual conversation. In fact, she beat her two brothers and was the first to finish eating. I think I might have to keep our freezer stocked with these pancakes for when she starts school in the fall. It may very well be the only way to get her out the door on time.

Look for these new Aunt Jemima Confetti Pancakes in your grocer's freezer. They retail for $2.69 per box of twelve.

Thank you to Aunt Jemima for sending us a coupon for a free product sample to base this review upon.