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Review: Mighty Machines "Revved Up!" (DVD)

If you have never heard of the Mighty Machines series, it is a show about all things to do with transportation that originated in Canada. My oldest son, who is 6 years old, especially loves his Mighty Machines DVDs.

This DVD Mighty Machines: Revved Up! features three 30-minute episodes . . .

- "Building An Airplane"
- "Ride the Mountain Rails!"
- "Reach For the Sky!"

These episodes are like mini documentaries, but are narrated and presented in a way that is interesting to children. For example, the first episode "Building An Airplane" is narrated by the planes themselves who are in the process of being built.

By the time your child is done watching this DVD, he or she will be able to answer questions, such as . . .
  • What are the windows in airplanes made of?
  • What is a rivet?
  • How many engines does it take to pull a train over a mountain pass?
There is a lot of information packed into this 90-minute DVD. You can find this and other Mighty Machines DVDs on NCircle Entertainment and other select retailers of children's DVDs.

Thank you to NCircle Entertainment for sending us a sample DVD free of charge to base this review upon.