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Review: Men's Rocker Bottom Shoes by Ryn

When I learned I was able to try out a pair of the new Ryn X-Run sneakers I was ecstatic. I had been looking at the various types of curved bottom shoes for a few months. I was not disappointed when my pair arrived.

The shoes come with additional set of insoles so you can customize the fit as well as some extra laces. The fit is excellent and the sizing was right on. So many sneaker manufacturers vary, so you never know. These were perfect.

When I first put them on I felt as if I was standing on something as you can rock a bit front to back and they increase your height by about 2 inches. They are fairly stylish and have an air pocket similar to a pair of Nike’s. They look so much like a regular pair of sneakers my neighbor didn’t realize I was wearing special shoes until I pointed them out.

After a very short learning curve I was up and going with confidence. Once you start walking you notice the difference immediately. Because the shape of the bottom of the shoe, I wasn’t hitting the pavement heel first like I do in my regular sneakers. I was hitting mid sole at the apex of the curve. This meant that my knee was still a little bent as I made contact putting all the stress on my muscles instead of my heel and knee joints. I started to feel my calves and outer thighs warming up right away.

After your foot hits the ground, the arc of the shoe propels you forward very naturally so it’s very easy to keep up a good pace. I would have no trouble walking a few miles in these every day.

I was expecting to feel some burn in other parts of my legs and glutes but I didn’t feel anything different than with a normal pair of sneakers. I imagine everybody feels the burn in different places as we all walk a little differently.

Overall I love my Ryn X-Run shoes. They perform almost exactly as I expected and are very high quality. I would recommend these shoes to anybody looking for an excuse to get out and walk or run as they make it easy and effective. Hardcore walkers and runners would gain the benefit of the reduced knee and joint stress as well.

I have not put enough mileage on the X-Runs to know how well they will wear, but my feeling is they will last long enough to be a good value for the money.

If you see a guy walking past you with a grin on his face and a good sweat worked up it may be me in my Ryns. Check out my calves and thighs after I pass!

You can view the full selection of Ryn rocker bottom shoes, which include sneakers, sandals, and oxfords for men and women, at, where there is always Free Shipping to the U.S. and Canada. Keep up with the latest from Ryn by following RynShoes on Twitter and Ryn Shoes on Facebook.

Thank you to Ryn for providing us with a sample pair of shoes free of charge to base this review upon.