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Review: iStyle Dog Shirts for iPod-Lovers

I received a doggie t-shirt from iStyle Originals for my 9 pound Mini-Dachshund, Ruby. It is adorable with the phrase, “iPaw’d” on the back of it. I put it on Ruby immediately to try it out. It fit her very well, except that the sleeves were a bit too long for her. That said, she has VERY short legs so on a normal small dog it would probably fit great. I had gotten the size medium for Ruby.

She didn’t really seem to be bothered by the shirt’s lightweight fabric and I was quite impressed with how soft, yet durable it was. The letters are on firmly so I don’t fear they will peel off or fade either.

Ruby wore the shirt outside and when she came back in it had gotten dirty so I washed it in my washing machine. It held up fabulously and did not have much fading; just a normal amount you would expect from a black shirt.

Ruby has gotten much attention in her iStyle shirt. iStyle has many different styles of iPod t-shirts from babies' to adult's, and of course, dog t-shirts. To keep up with their latest products, visit the iNews blog, iStyle Original's Facebook page, and follow iStyleOriginals on Twitter.

Thank you to iStyle Originals for sending us a sample t-shirt free of charge to base this review upon.