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Review: "The Grill Daddy" Grill Cleaning Tool

Is Dad the "King of the Grill" at you house? If he is, then The Grill Daddy would make an affordable gift for Father's Day this year. This grill cleaning tool steam cleans iron, steel, and porcelain grills to keep that grill in great condition. Barbecue grills can be considered a major appliance depending on which one you purchase, so you should treat it as one and take care of your investment.

The stainless steel head of The Grill Daddy is removable and dishwasher safe. There are two brushes on the head. The smaller one has stiffer bristles and is meant for grease and food that is really stuck onto the grill.

The Grill Daddy is very simple to use. You simply fill it with water and turn the knob to open the valve. The water comes out very slowly as you make a scrubbing motion. The water on your hot grill is what produces the steam.

My husband has used The Grill Daddy multiple times. He finds it is most effective to leave it by your grill ready-to-go so that you can clean your grill the second the food is removed. It only takes a few minutes to completely steam clean the grate while the grill is still at its hottest.

One suggestion my husband has is to make the bristles on the square brush slightly shorter and stiffer. He thinks this would make the cleaning process even quicker and easier.

The Grill Daddy retails for $14.99. You can view a video demonstration and order this product on .

Thank you to Grill Daddy for sending us a sample unit free of charge to base this review upon.