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Review: Disney's Air Bud "World Pup" (DVD)

For almost a year now, my 3 dog-loving children have been enjoying Air Bud DVDs. The most recent adventure featuring this ball-playing dog is Disney's Air Bud: World Pup. It turns out that this talented Golden Retriever can play more than just basketball and football. He can now add soccer to his list of skills.

In this DVD, Kevin Zegers returns as Josh to continue this series about a boy and his dog. In the last movie, Josh's mom finds romance, but this time it's Josh's and Buddy's turn. They both stumble into puppy love, which results in a humorous adventure.

In addition to romance and soccer action, this movie also offers a pair of villains, one of whom is an ex-dog catcher. Their get rich quick scheme is to dognap family pets for ransom money. Parents need not worry. There is nothing remotely frightening about these dognappers.

This movie is fun and lighthearted. Plus, the two dogs' budding romance resulted in puppies, which just adds to the cuteness.

Take a look at Buddy showing off his skills . . .

As usual, my children's favorite parts of the movie were during the displays of physical comedy. I think everybody, both adults and children, loved the scene when the dognappers were defeated.

This Special Edition Air Bud: World Pup DVD comes with a mesh Air Bud drawstring sport bag and can be purchased at the Disney Store and other retailers of Disney movies.

Thank you to Click-Communications for sending us a sample DVD free of charge to base this review upon.