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Review: Custom Printed Postcards from

Many businesses have turned to postcard printing and marketing as an affordable way to promote their brand that is one step up from handing out business cards. You have many choices for custom printing companies out there, so I wanted to share my experience with, since I have received various custom printed products from them in the past as thank you's for hosting contests for them.

Among the products I have received, custom printed postcards was one of them. In fact, I have had the opportunity to try their postcard printing services twice. Both times I have donated the postcards to my children's preschool and elementary school. I designed a high resolution graphic myself for each one. Unfortunately, I cannot post photos of them without publicizing the names of the schools my children attend.

The two cards were very different. One was very child-like and was meant to give out to the graduating preschoolers so that they could send a note back to the school from kindergarten to let their teachers know how they are doing. The other was very professional with the school logo glowing and a thank you message from the PTO. These postcards are now used to send thank you notes to all those who volunteer their time on behalf of the school.

I was very pleased with the quality of the printing for both sets of postcards. I was even able to design the backs of the cards to include the return address and lines on which to write the mailing address. The full color printing on the first set came out very vivid and true to the original design. The color on the second set, however, came out a little darker than the original design. The school logo is navy blue and gold and the navy blue came out a very dark midnight blue rather than a true navy blue. The school did not mind since I was donating these postcards free of charge, but as the one who worked very hard to design the graphic, I was slightly disappointed.

Aside from this, I have found the services at UPrinting to be very professional. The turnaround time is always within the time frame quoted and the product has never arrived flawed or damaged. I was able to receive a digital proof of the printing, so there has never been any errors.'s postcards are available in both flat or folded and come in a variety sizes, including custom sizes. You may also choose between glossy, matte, or uncoated cardstock, as well as full-color printing on one or both sides. To find out more about their postcards and other custom printing services, visit .