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A Reasonably Priced Desk for Our Twins

In my "Room To Play" Event, I have covered everything from lighting to a bed to wall decor. The one thing I did not find in time for the event is a desk that would be compact and accommodate both our 3-1/2yr old twins. I finally did stumble across one accidentally when I was looking on the CSN Stores sites for something else . . . a trampoline actually.

This desk appear to be perfect for two children to use to write, draw, or play on a laptop computer. It is priced at $110 and comes with free ground shipping. Plus the desk matches my daughter's new bed.

You can look forward to a review of this Sweet Dreams Desk by Creative Interiors in a future TWINtuitive Products feature. Let's just not mention to my children how close they had come to getting a trampoline instead of this desk.

I received a gift certificate as a thank you for participating in this campaign by CSN Stores.