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Product Review Update: Glasses USA

A fellow-blogger recently brought up the question about whether we as review bloggers should write follow-ups to our reviews to let our readers know how a product has held up in the long run. Although I do not have time to write follow-ups for every product, I think I may start to write some about the items that I have been extremely happy with and the ones that have failed me over time. Let's start with these eyeglasses from Glasses USA, which I had received over 6 months ago. This item is a good place to start, since prescription glasses are a major purchase for most people and they are expected to last until the prescription changes.

For a pair of glasses that cost under $50 (before the lens coatings) this pair has held up remarkably well. In the past, I have experienced problems with pairs of eyeglasses I had paid six times as much for, including having screws coming loose constantly and having a lens pop out of the frame. In fact, these were probably the third pair of prescription eyeglasses I have ever reviewed and I am the most happy with these. The most important thing is that I am far happier with these than the pair I had purchased (for too much money) from a major eyeglass retailer at the mall.

If you have found this update to be helpful, please do let me know. I will make an effort to write more quick updates like this one going forward. If there are any specific products you are wondering about, you can always request a product review update by contacting me.

Since I have been so happy with my glasses from Glasses USA, I am happy to share a discount code with my readers and my fellow-bloggers. For a limited time, you can receive an additional 10% off your prescription eyeglass order from when you use Code: Blog10 during checkout.