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Photos From the Town Fair Last Week

Last week all five of us attended the town fair. The twins did not know what to expect, but I think our oldest was a little disappointed. It was a rainy day, but we wanted to support the fundraiser, so we went anyways. The fair began at 10:30am and was suppose to run through 4pm. We arrived around 12:30pm and a third of the tables were empty. I suppose some of the vendors did not prepare for the damp weather. I felt terrible for the volunteers for the dunk tank because they must have been freezing cold. Still, we managed to have fun . . .

We were glad to have brought our Radio Flyer canopy wagon. The twins were able to eat hot dogs without getting too soggy. Plus it kept their cotton candy from getting wet and drippy. Somehow both twins managed to get plastered in pink stickiness anyways.

There was a tiny little petting zoo. The goats were very receptive, but this silly pig would not come closer to the fence.

We were glad that the face painting station stayed open. Both our boys opted for a Spiderman-esque look. Our daughter wanted no part of it.

There was also a woman who made balloon animals. We actually did not end up with any animals, but rather the children opted for balloon swords and a balloon princess crown.

Our 6yr old was adamant about creating some sand art. He added each color so carefully. I think he was very proud of his creation.

Ultimately we had fun, but we were all very tired and slightly damp by the time we left.