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Giveaway Winner: New LeapFrog Mystery Product (a.k.a. Leapster Explorer)

It's time to announce the winner of the LeapFrog Mystery Product contest! I apologize that I had to end the contest early. Although LeapFrog has not formally announced the product on, other retailers have begun taking pre-orders for the Leapster Explorer, so the product was no longer a "mystery".

Now that the contest has closed, I had the task of selecting a winner. I chose a winner based on the most imaginative answer derived from watching the teaser videos. The answer did not have to be accurate, but it needed to be conclusions or guesses drawn from watching those videos. It was very difficult selecting a winner after I had narrowed it down to three.

The winner of the new LeapFrog Leapster Explorer is . . .

#37 - candace

"I think it's going to combine the features of the kindle and blend them with the multimedia features of the Ipad...I have a feeling that if two kids have the device, they will be able to connect to each others device and play games that teach math, reading, spelling and more without them really knowing that their learning!"

Congratulations to Candace! Don't worry if you did not win because you will have another chance to win a Leapster Explorer (with an Explorer game) on this site very soon.

Currently, you can pre-order the Leapster Explorer at the following retailers: