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What Are Your Predictions About "Sex and the City 2"?

So how many people nearly fell off their seats when they saw John Corbett's (a.k.a. Aiden) face on a "Sex and the City 2" promo on television the other night? Well, I certainly almost did. The way Carrie and Aiden looked at each other . . .

Recently, EXTRA had an exclusive interview with Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) where she was asked to comment on three major rumors regarding this sequel, which will premiere on May 24th. The only item she clarified upon was the rumor regarding the movie's wardrobe costing $10-million. This she denied, stating that most of the clothing and accessories were borrowed. As far as there possibly being a "Sex and the City 3", Parker had nothing to reveal.

Now back to Aiden and Carrie. Do you think that Carrie will leave Mr. Big for her old flame? As I recall, the last time we saw Aiden, he was a married baby-wearing dad, who seemed to have moved on. I cannot say the same for Carrie. I remember her appearing to be slightly wounded when she found out about Aiden's new life. Even though you want the good guy (in this case Aiden) to win, it seemed like it was meant to be when Carrie and Big (the not-so-good guy) finally ended up together. Besides, it seems as if Carrie needs the exciting extravagant life Big can provide for her, as opposed to a quiet normal life with Aiden. I think it would be a mistake to have Carrie end up with Aiden and it would rule out a 3rd movie. I guess we won't know until May 24th.


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