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Silly Monkey Stories: You'll Always Be My Baby . . .

Something that I have found to be peculiar, but darn cute at the same time, is how Jake speaks to his little brother and sister.

Since the twins came home from the hospital over three years ago, Jake has been a pretty awesome big brother. Sometimes he shows more patience with them than even the adults in the house. I would always hear him say, "Jake Jake will help", "Let Jake Jake do it", and "That's a no-no" or "No-no touch! No-no touch!" Sometimes he uttered these phrases in a gentle sing-songey voice. Other times his voice was more exasperated and high pitched.

Now that the twins are 3-1/2, Jake still speaks to them the exact same way. I cannot imagine what goes through the twins' minds when he does this. Perhaps they think to themselves "What is up with this guy? Why is he talking so funny?"

I guess they'll always be babies to him.

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