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Silly Monkey Stories: Food Tube (Guest Blogger)

Please welcome my husband Todd, returning as a guest blogger . . .

"Quite some time ago my oldest came up with the very best excuse not to eat a vegetable I have ever heard. I will never admit this to him, but it may have even rivaled the previous grand champion: ME!

One evening I had served spinach as the vegetable, and as you can guess he wasn’t digging it. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: Eat up buddy; you need to eat your spinach.

Him: I’m full; I don’t have room for my spinach.

Me: Well, then I guess you won’t have room for dessert.

Him: Well, my food tube is full, but my dessert tube is empty.

Me: (trying not to laugh hysterically): Wait, you have tubes in your stomach?

Him: (clearly sensing I’m buying it): Yes. One for food, one for lollipops, and one for dessert. But my food one is full.

Me: Not the lollipop one?

Him: That one’s full too (I’m guessing he wanted to placate me and not overdo it)

Me: Mmm, interesting. I have never heard of that before.

Him: Yup

And so on.

I have to admit, I was so impressed I was tempted to let him get away with it. Ever hear something so awesome from your kids you want to just burst out laughing but you can’t? This was one of those moments. In the end I made him eat half his spinach. Maybe he put some of it in his dessert tube…"


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