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Shop 'n' Share: Matching Mother/Daughter Purses

Now that my daughter is 3-1/2, I've noticed that she is paying more attention to clothing and accessories. Since I did not really know what I had wanted for Mother's Day, I thought it would be a nice treat to find matching or coordinating mother/daughter bags.

Well I looked all over and did not find anything that I liked. I did find some cute bags at JCPenney that had a large and small version, but they were too much money. I just could not spend $40 on a bag for a 3yr old.

Then I stumbled across Tote-ally Bags on Etsy. Their "Toteally Together" collection consists of matching mother/daughter tote bags. This Etsy seller is amazing! I placed my custom order (with my fabric choice and customized handle length) a week before Mother's Day and received these bags in time to show off on Mother's Day.

After a very poor experience with another custom bag company, I was so thrilled with Tote-ally Bags! By the way, both totes only cost $36 plus shipping. The workmanship was excellent and I just really could not have been more pleased.

Can you guess who else was extremely pleased?

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