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Review: My Little Pony Family Convertible

Having spent almost all her time with two brothers, my 3yr old daughter is no strangers to cars. Aside from one or two die cast cars, she really does not have any cars to call her own . . . until now.

The My Little Pony Family Convertible is so cool that my two sons were dying to have a turn at playing with it. After all, none of their cars come with a car seat. Nor are they decorated with fun balloons and streamers. Luckily, my daughter is a good sharer. And lucky for me, this toy is battery-free. Otherwise we would be going through batteries quickly with three children constantly taking turns playing with this car.

This playset comes with a convertible that has working wheels and a passenger side door that opens. It also includes Mom and Pinky Pie figures, a removable car seat, a to-go mug, a bag of groceries, and a lunchbox/snack bag (which I think could double as a brief case). The last three accessories clip onto the Mom pony's legs. This toy definitely is geared towards the theme of a busy on-the-go mom.

One thing that could be improved about this toy is that the car seat and the Pinkie Pie figure both need to be snapped into place. The way it is designed, those pieces need a lot of precision to be able to connect. Even as an adult, it was not something I could do quickly. I would love to see these pieces be more kid-friendly as far as snapping them into place.

I think my daughter's favorite part about this toy is being able to role play as a mommy and a baby. She also enjoys bringing her other My Little Pony figures into these scenarios she comes up with in her head.

For a limited time, you can look for the My Little Pony Family Convertible containing a 20-minute My Little Pony DVD inside the box. You can find this toy on and at most major retailers of Hasbro's My Little Pony toys.

Thank you to Hasbro for sending us a sample toy free of charge to base this review upon.