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Shop 'n' Share: Unique Catnip Toy by Fat Cat

We took our children to Petsmart yesterday while running some errands. There were tons of cat toys reduced to sell, so I let the twins each choose one to give to our cats. Well leave it to my 3yr old daughter to choose the oddest catnip toy I had ever seen.

She chose the blue Fabulous Las Vegas Showgull made by Fat Cat shown below. Our daughter did not know it was designed after a showgirl, but rather she thought it was a fancy ballerina. Since it was on sale, I did not deny her the pleasure of presenting this unique toy to our cats.

Well, if you can believe it, this toy is a HUGE hit with all our cats. I should have bought a pink one too since one of our cats is especially talented when it comes to pulling feathers out of cat toys.

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