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Review: Project Runway (for Wii)

I am a big fan of Bravo's Project Runway, so when I was presented with a chance to review Project Runway for Wii by Atari, I could not say no. Not only was I excited about the game's theme, but I was happy to have a game in the house that was not designed especially for young children.

Although this game is based on the show Project Runway, you do not need to be familiar with the show to play and enjoy this game. Even without using the available tutorials, this game is fairly easy to understand. Even my 6yr old son enjoyed certain parts of it, such as the make-up room, dressing room, and the pose off. To him, it was just a more advanced version of creating Mii's.

The first menu gives you the choices of Play Season, Fashion Studio, or Quick Play. Choosing Play Season is the only way to unlock more choices for creating the perfect look, such as styles of clothing, hair styles, makeup, and more. This option takes you through most of the subcategories which are also available under Fashion Studio . . . Work Room, Hair & Makeup, and Dressing Room.

This is The Work Room, where you are able to select the styles, make alterations, choose colors, patterns, and embellishments for your garments.

After you've designed your outfit, you are able to select a model to show off your design. This model will be the one to strut down the runway and strike poses to impress the judges.

Below is Hair & Makeup, where you can choose everything from hair color and highlights all the way down to colored contact lenses. Also shown below is the Dressing Room where you can accessorize your model from head to toe.

After your model has gone through hair, makeup, and wardrobe, she will walk the catwalk. Actually you are the one who will have to keep her on beat by following the arrows with your Wii remote and nunchuck. You will need to follow additional direction to strike poses at the end of the catwalk and then again when you return to the starting point.

If you opt for Quick Play, you will be able to play one of three segments . . . "Catwalk" which is similar to what is shown above, "Pose Off" which is strictly a series of posing tests, and "Photo Shoot" in which you play the role of the photographer.

Since I have a moderate interest in fashion design, I very much enjoyed this game. I thought that the timed challenges in which I had to design something I liked while staying within the "recipe" provided to me was the most enjoyable part of the game. It was also a small thrill to see my designs being modeled on the catwalk. I cannot imagine the rush real life designers feel during a fashion show.

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Thank you to Atari for providing a sample game free of charge for us to base this review upon.