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Review: Naturalizer N5 Comfort Elements "Keene" Sandals

Before I became a busy mom, I was pretty vain . . . enough so that I was willing to sacrifice comfort for the perfect look. Shoes were no exception. I remember this one pair of white faux patent leather heeled boots I had. They drew blood, but they sure looked cute!

Well Michelle Ebbin, Naturalizer's N5 reflexologist and mom to 3, would like other moms to know that taking care of their feet is important and we do not need to give up being fashion-forward in order to be comfortable.

Here are some tips from Ebbin regarding shoe shopping:
  • 15 minutes of…comfort: When selecting a shoe, you should be able to walk for at least 15 minutes without discomfort or pressure to any part of the feet. Even if you live in heels, you should be able to feel balanced and stable enough so that you are not carrying all of your body weight on the balls of your feet. Balance ensures that your core is stable and energy circulation can flow easily. Stability promotes stress relief and improved posture.
  • Breathe easy: Every woman knows how annoying sweaty, sliding feet can be. And when your feet can’t breathe, your energy can’t flow. Find shoes with a breathable lining. By keeping your feet cool, and comfortable, you can relieve and prevent energy blockages in the feet.
  • Lighten up and embrace the softer side: Hard, clunky shoes are more than just ugly, they can affect your circulation. The lighter the weight and the softer the cushioning, the less pressure on your feet which means better circulation.
  • The 2010 shoe mantra – NO BREAKING IN: Flexibility means no “breaking-in” period. Supportive, lightweight shoes lessen the impact of gravity, which can wreak havoc on your feet and your entire body. Buy shoes that feel good straight out of the box.

Naturalizer's N5 Comfort Elements line is all about combining style with comfort. I was fortunate enough to be able to test this out for myself. When I saw the Naturalizer Keene, I knew they were for me. Not only do they look super-comfy, they are much more stylish than the last three pairs of plain black platform slide sandals I've owned. The silver studs and the slightly distressed look really give these shoes a little edge.

The characteristics about the Keene that makes it one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn are the extra cushioning in the footbed, the lightweight yet cushy cork platform, the flexible non-slip outer sole, the rounded toe, and the supple smooth leather. These shoes would work great with jeans, capris, shorts, or a casual skirt or dress. One thing that makes this shoe more casual is the cork platform midsole, which gets nicked and scratched easily. The cork is only black on the outer surface, so these shoes will gain an even more distressed look over time.

I have to say that, if all the Naturalizer N5 shoes are as comfortable as these, I'm sold! I will be turning to Naturalizer next time I need dress shoes. I have yet to find a truly comfortable pair of dress heels in all my adult life.

If you would like to shop for your own pair of Naturalizer shoes, you can save 15% off your purchase (some exclusions apply) when you use Code: NTWELL at checkout on and . This coupon expires on June 10th, 2010.

Thank you to Naturalizer for sending me a sample pair of shoes free of charge to base this review upon. This review was written as part of a campaign for the Family Review Network.