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Review: Laughing Pizza Music CD & DVD

If you've seen Laughing Pizza on PBS, then you'll be happy to know that this kid-friendly band has recently released a new music CD and music video DVD. "Let's Go Play!", the title track, is my 6yr old son's favorite song from both the Let's Go Play! CD and the It's Pizza Time DVD. I have to say that I agree. It is a great song for getting your feet and body moving.

This parent-daughter trio offers a wide range of songs and musical styles, including pop and country. The lyrics are suitable for children, but the music is main stream. This is perfect for children who are too old for cutesy children's songs. Second to "Let's Go Play!", my favorite dance song on this CD would be "Rock Girl".

I was surprised that the DVD featured almost a completely different list of songs than the music CD. There were two music videos that stood out to me. The first was "Breakfast Jive". Both my children and myself stopped dancing to watch the video, which featured animated eggs with legs. It was so well-done that we were all captivated.

The other video that stood out to me was "Daddy". Both the video and the song were very moving tributes to the first man a little girl falls in love with. In fact, I told my husband that this was the song he was going to dance to with our daughter at her wedding (in 25 years or so).

The energy from Laugh Pizza's music is contagious. It got the whole family (my husband included) up and dancing. I cannot remember the last time all five of us were laughing and giggling so hard and having fun without a care in the world.

You can find both this Laughing Pizza CD and DVD in the Laughing Pizza Shop, on, and at other retailers of children's music.

Thank you to Laughing Pizza for sending us a sample CD and DVD free of charge to base this review upon.