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Review: Carpet CPR & Leather CPR Cleaners

Our household is abundant with young children and pets, so I am always welcoming the chance to try new cleaning products. Although the CPR line started with Leather CPR, a leather cleaner and conditioner, it has expanded far beyond leather care products and now includes Carpet CPR, Granite CPR, Glove CPR, Equine CPR, and Motorcycle CPR. The products I was able to try were the Carpet CPR and the Leather CPR.

The funny (or not so funny) thing about my house is that, whenever I have a new cleaning product to try, magically the perfect cleaning opportunity always arises at the right time. One of our cats had been feeling unwell after eating some Easter grass and was throwing up repeatedly. He was nice enough not to exclude our beige area rug from the number of places where he got sick. The vomit was also tinged with blood.

This is what the soiled area on the rug looked like after we blotted off any excess liquid . . .

This is what the area looked like after we sprayed the Carpet CPR on the stain . . .

I was very pleased at the results. We did not have to do any scrubbing. We only needed to blot off any excess cleaner. The stain disappeared all on its own.


Next, I tried the Leather CPR, which works on any kind of non-porous leather. This product is effective on outerwear, footwear, upholstery, baseball gloves, and much more. Leather CPR comes in a variety of sizes and container types to suit your needs.

I do have several leather bags I could have used this product on, but I decided that my husband's shoes might benefit the most from a little cleaning and conditioning. This product was extremely easy to use. All I had to do was apply the Leather CPR with a clean sponge. Then I let it sit for a few minutes. When I returned, most of the conditioner had been absorbed by the leather. I only need to go over it again with the sponge to make sure all the dirt and salt came off. Then I used a clean cloth to wipe off the little cleaner that was left on the surface of the leather.

This is what the shoes looked like while coated with a little dirt, salt, and scuff marks . . .

And this is what they looked like after being treated with Leather CPR . . .

The conditioner did not remove the scuff marks, but the shoes look a hundred times better than they did pre-Leather CPR. I could not get over how quick and easy the whole process was either.


If you would like a chance to try Leather CPR, Granite CPR, or Carpet CPR, just follow this link to sign up for a free sample, which is actually a full-size product. You can also order all available CPR products right on . For a limited time, you will receive Free Shipping of your order of $50 or more within the continental U.S. In addition to the Leather CPR website, you can also find this line of products at Walmart, Walgreens, Ace Hardware, True Value, and your local bedding and bath stores.

Thank you to CPR Leather for sending us product samples free of charge to base this review upon. The review was written as part of a campaign for the Family Review Network.