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The Most Uncomfortable Sofa Ever!

A little over 3 years ago, we had purchased two cribs in anticipation of having twins plus what we thought was a comfortable sofa to add more seating for our growing family. The sofa had an L-configuration and had a chaise attached to one end. It was perfect because two people could stretch out on it while still leaving enough seating for the rest of the family. Well, through the years one piece after another was ruined by our pets. Now we are left with two armless sofas pushed together to make one very long sofa. The sofa is not very deep, so it is not comfortable to curl up in. Good thing we had much better luck with the cribs.

Since we do not want to invest in new living room furniture just yet, we wondered what we could do to make this situation bearable. Well, CSN Stores came to our rescue. This company incorporates over 200 retail sites, which carry everything from home furnishings to cookware, toys to fitness equipment, and everything in between. They will soon be sending us an ottoman to review, which will be the perfect solution to our sofa problem. Now we will have room for someone to stretch out without their taking up half the seating.

I am extremely excited to try out the Vernaccia Leather Ottoman from CSN Stores. Look for my review of this ottoman in the coming weeks.

No compensation was received for sharing this information with my readers, however, I do have an upcoming review scheduled for a CSN Store product.